Joe Biden gets into a back and forth with the moderator Lyz Lenz who had some direct questions and comments about Biden’s past votes on crime and how it harms the LGBTQ community.

She must not have gotten the note that you NEVER ask Joe Biden honest questions because he bites back. Just ask Peter Doocy (see below).

Biden snarks during questioning that Lenz is “a lovely person” but then she tweets out later that as Biden walked off stage he dryly said to her: “You’re a real sweetheart.”  He wasn’t giving a compliment but chastizing the moderator for her direct questions. She called Biden out on Twitter later: “As I was walking off the stage with @JoeBiden he said to me dryly, ‘You’re a real sweetheart.'”

In the same video below, Biden claims a prisoner can choose what gender to be even if the prison says that person is a man or woman. Biden took heat for saying this because it’s a Pandora’s box to let prisoners choose their sex, can you imagine?

Note in the video Biden calls OBGYN “OGBYN” in another gaffe where he’s just repeating talking points

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As we stated above, Biden doesn’t like direct questions with follow-up. He gets testy. Just listen to the rant he delivered to Peter Doocy just yesterday:

Fox News reporter Peter Doocy has been covering Joe Biden on the campaign trail, and you can tell Biden doesn’t care for Peter. He’s gotten in Doocy’s face before (SEE BELOW), and now he’s done it again.

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Doocy had asked about the Ukraine investigation, and Biden went ballistic.

He sticks his finger in Doocy’s face and shakes it while trying to form complete sentences. He is clearly enraged because it’s probably been decades since Biden has been asked a serious question. He’s been able to skate by being “Uncle Joe” for so long that he’s become untouchable.

The video below shows an angry Joe Biden who is very defensive…makes you wonder how much there is to the Ukraine story.

LAURA INGRAHAM: If there’s nothing untoward about Hunter’s making MILLIONS in Ukraine while Joe was VP (in an industry he had ZERO experience in), then why is he channeling Sonny from The Godfather here?”

Those on the left thought this was great and said they want to see more of the pissed off Joe. Others said he seems defensive and looks like a bully.

It’s interesting that Biden ends with “ask the right question.” In other words, give me a softball question, or I’ll wag my finger in your face.


A rare moment happened in Iowa today when Joe Biden was actually called out for telling a lie.

Fox News’ Peter Doocy was reporting on a Biden event in Iowa when he fact-checked Biden on the spot.

Biden, the 2020 front-runner, claimed to Doocy and other reporters that he had the biggest crowds at his events compared to the other 2020 presidential candidates:

“What I’m trying to do is go around from town to town, and I’m drawing as big of crowds, or bigger than anybody. Have you seen anybody draw bigger crowds than me in this state?”

Oops! Doocy dared to answer Biden’s question with honesty. Doocy answered “yes” to Biden and then said he saw a bigger crowd at a Warren event in Des Moines, Iowa in January.

Doocy was on “Special Report” later when he told the rest of the story of how Biden came at him saying he’s a “big boy” and can handle Doocy coming after him. Remember that Doocy only told the truth which is hardly “coming after” Biden.

“The vice president didn’t seem to like that because a few minutes later, he singled me out.”

Biden delivered a sophomoric comment for a man in his 70’s:

 “I mean, I know you, I know you’re going to go after me no matter what I’ve got. Yeah, you and it’s OK. Good. I’m a big boy. I can handle it.”

Biden might be testy because Senator Elizabeth Warren is gaining ground on him. His own wife said people might have to “swallow” to vote for the candidate in the lead (Biden) in order to beat President Trump in 2020.

Jill Biden: “I know that not all of you are committed to my husband. And I respect that…Your candidate might be better on; I don’t know, health care than Joe is but you’ve got to look at who’s going to win this election.”



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