CORRECTION: USA TODAY REPORTS that the copy with the video below is missing context and that the Biden campaign asserts that Joe Biden was ‘joking’ when he called the military ‘stupid bastards. In the longer YouTube video below; he also said, “C’mon man…Man, you are a dull bunch…must be slow here, man.” To correct our previous statement, the Biden campaign has confirmed that Biden was ‘joking.’

The first part of the video is difficult to hear, but when Joe Biden speaks, it’s louder. He talks about how many times he’s been to the Middle East to visit the troops. Then he mentions the two greatest things he’s done in his life. After he mentions his wife and then the servicewoman he says he appointed to the Academy, he gets no applause. This is when, according to USA today and the Biden campaign, he ‘jokingly’ said at the 1:50 point in the video (there is a shorter version below this YouTube video):

“Clap for that, you stupid bastards”…”C’mon man”…”Man, you are a dull bunch…must be slow here, man.”

The shorter version of the video:

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The AP cut out the part in the video below where he says “stupid bastards”:


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