Oh my! Joe Biden rambled on for just 18 of his 20-minute slot at the Des Moines Register’s Political Soapbox today.

To say he struggled is an understatement!

During his speech, he gaffed by saying “We choose truth over facts!”:

It didn’t end there because after Biden spoke he was asked a question about Solyndra and seemed clueless:

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The reporter was asking why Biden should be trusted now when he supported energy subsidies for loser companies like Solyndra. Biden looked at the reporter with a blank stare and said “we shouldn’t be supporting ANY of these subsidies.”…Huh?

Biden supported numerous wasteful scam companies under the Obama administration including Solyndra and behaves as if that never happened.

Remember Solyndra?

Solyndra burned through $528 million of a $535 million loan guarantee before filing a bankruptcy plan approved in October 2012.



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