It’s no secret that yesterday’s testimony by Robert Mueller was a less than stellar performance for him.

Two of the key people who have been following and reporting on the Mueller investigation spoke out to say that “Weissmann did it all”.

Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing joined Lou Dobbs to discuss the testimony from a very incompetent Mueller:

A clip of Muller saying he’s ‘not familiar’ with Fusion GPS was shown by Dobbs who asked what WAS Mueller familiar with in his own report.

Toensing and diGenova are spot on in their assesment of Mueller:

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Toensing and diGenova have been on this case from the start and have been ripping the hoax apart:


Joe diGenova has the best statement of all regarding Mueller’s parting shot to President Trump. He cuts through all of the bs and tells it like it is.

It’s worth the time to listen to his comments to Laura Ingraham regarding the “petty” and “vindictive” statement by Mueller. His comments are stunning.  This is a wake-up call to anyone who hasn’t been paying attention.

“Where in the world have we come in the Department of Justice?” – Joe diGenova

diGenova believes this is all because of one man. Rod Rosenstein is the one man who is responsible for this.

“This isn’t about the law anymore.” diGenova believes this is part of an ongoing Civil War in America. He continued to say that the people will reject this impeachment and says things will get ugly.


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