During an interview on CNN’s ‘State of the Union,’ Kamala Harris spoke about voter ID when she made an absurd statement that shows she’s truly clueless about rural America. She said that rural Americans couldn’t possibly get a photocopy of their ID to send in to vote. Talk about out of touch…

Her appalling statement is a jaw-dropping slam to people who live in rural America. Stereotyping people who live in rural areas got under the skin of most people who commented on the video. One person said she lives on a farm in the “boonies” but has a computer and a printer she uses.

Harris also said misinformation is to blame For vaccine hesitancy. She didn’t help matters when she said (video below) she wouldn’t get a vaccine with Trump’s approval. Sure, that helped so much.

Harris On Vaccine: ‘If Donald Trump Tells Us To Take It, I’m Not Taking It.’


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