Kamala Harris was recently comparing affordable childcare to teacher salaries when she cackled loudly, mocking struggling parents who aren’t able to send their kids to school. This is another in a long line of inappropriate cackles from Harris.

She seems to find humor in things that many people do not. Mocking struggling parents isn’t usually humorous, but for some reason, Harris found it funny. Yes, parents will have a hard time teaching because if they work from home, they have to do their job and teach at the same time. How is that humorous?

Is it any wonder Harris was the least liked candidate in the 2020 election? She dropped out of the race because her poll numbers were atrocious.

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When Kamala Harris arrived in Jacksonville, a reporter asked if she would be visiting the border anytime soon. The answer from Harris is very telling. She makes a joke and laughs. Is she uncomfortable with the question, or is she just being flip?

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In the past, anytime Harris is avoiding an answer, she cackles with laughter. The problem with the cackling today is that the border is a severe problem to Americans. She’s coming off like she doesn’t take it seriously.

Harris just had another moment where she cackled with laughter during an appearance with Biden:

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris made an appearance in Atlanta supposedly to discuss COVID, but it was really more about them. During the stop, the bumbling ‘president’ kept looking at a piece of paper and then said, “I wanted to yield to my Vice President, who’s smarter than I am.” Wow! A truthful answer coming from Biden is a rarity.

Harris immediately tried to answer back with a cute quip, but then came the Kamala cackle. The least liked candidate in the 2020 election probably needs to pinch herself for being a VP to a guy like Biden, all go-along-to-get-along with the far-left.

Biden has called Kamala harris “president” on several occasions. Is Beta Male Biden rolling over to let Harris take the reigns? Sure looks like it.

It sounds a little like this:



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