Kamala Harris has been missing in action during the tragedy in Afghanistan. Is she trying to save her own skin by distancing herself from Biden and the disaster in Afghanistan? Strangely, she is on a trip to Southeast Asia right now. Upon her departure, she was asked about Americans trapped in Afghanistan.

Her response to a reporter tells so much about how out of touch she is with what’s going on at the Kabul airport. She begins her comments by saying “Hold on, hold on. Slow down everybody…hahaha” She cackled while Americans are at high risk? She comments after her cackle with a detached description of plans to evacuate Americans. Has she seen the violence and chaos at the Kabul airport?

She says the priority is evacuating Americans and others…then says “it’s one of the highest if not the highest priority right now.” It should not be “one of the highest priorities it should be the ONLY priority.

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Harris tries to justify the trip:

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“We are a global leader. […] We have interests there that relate to both security interests, economic interests and more recently global health interests.”

While Kamala cackles, 7 people died at the Kabul airport yesterday including a young girl:

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