Kamala Harris made an appearance in Georgia for the Democrats running for Senate. She pulled a Hillary Clinton when she suddenly developed a Southern accent during her speech in Columbus, Georgia. She’s done this before during the campaign (see below) and has embarrassed herself with attempts to ingratiate herself to the crowd she’s speaking to that particular day. It’s exactly what Hillary Clinton did when she was running for office.

Listen to Harris below as she suddenly speaks with a Southern accent:

Here’s Harris using an unrecognizable dialect while addressing a small crowd of supporters.

Kamala Harris spoke at the United Auto Workers headquarters in Pontiac, Michigan, and delivered a speech using a phony accent. If that wasn’t bad enough, she lies through her teeth throughout the entire speech about President Trump. The fearmongering is off the charts. Pontiac, Michigan, is a predominately Black community that has suffered tremendously from the loss of factories in the area. Harris’ pandering to the Black community during the speech is sickening, and, ironically, it was the policies of Joe Biden that helped the jobs in this area disappear.

At the beginning of the video below and throughout her speech, Kamala Harris breaks out her phony accent but then snaps back and forth to how she normally speaks.

Watch below as Harris flips back and forth into her phony accent: “How ya’ll doin’…Haaaay!”

This is embarrassing.

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