On ABC’s The View, Sen. Kamala Harris struggled to defend her position to decriminalize illegal immigration.

This is the position she took during the first Democratic debate.

She talks out of both sides of her mouth in the interview trying to pander to both sides of the aisle.

“We can’t treat people like criminals…” – But, but, but…they broke the law when they crossed our border illegally, right?

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Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown just did it again! He threw his former mistress under the bus in another column for the San Francisco Chronicle. In fact, he threw all the Democratic candidates for president under the bus!

He said that no Democratic candidate for president in the 2020 race could beat President Trump. Ouch!

Brown has a column that appears in the Chronicle on a regular basis and has skewered Harris in the past (see below).

The latest piece is titled: “Bad news for Democrats…none of these candidates can beat Trump.”

The former mistress of Brown was singled out and not in a good way:

“Harris got all the attention for playing prosecutor in chief, but her case against former Vice President Joe Biden boiled down in some ways to a ringing call for forced school busing. It won’t be too hard for Trump to knock that one out of the park in 2020.

Brown said none of the candidates are “ready for prime time”:

“Trump must have enjoyed every moment and every answer because he now knows he’s looking at a bunch of potential rivals who are still not ready for prime time.”


Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown just published commentary in the San Francisco Chronicle on his extramarital affair with Kamala Harris that includes our quote of the day. The cringe-worthy quote is in his description of how she helped him during his run for Mayor of San Francisco.

He begins his commentary by pointing out her “missteps.” He mentions her “town meeting” in Iowa and how she “stepped in it” when she “lost her focus.” He says she “flippantly” dismissed the concerns of people who want to keep their private health care. His description comes off as criticism and is of no help to Harris. His final comment is the nail in the coffin. He writes that by Harris saying “let’s move forward” that it sounded like she meant  “get over it”…Ouch!  With friends like this, who needs enemies?


Sen. Kamala Harris’ Rolls-Royce rollout of her presidential run quickly shot her to the front of the Democratic pack and with it all the troubles that come with being seen as a front-runner.
The first misstep came during her televised town meeting in Iowa. She was terrific for the first three-quarters of the show, connecting with the audience both in the hall and those of us at home.
In the final quarter, however, her focus seemed to fade — and that’s when she stepped in it, flippantly dismissing the concerns of people who like their private health insurance and aren’t enthusiastic about replacing it with government-run Medicare for All. Her “let’s move on” line sounded a lot like, “Get over it.” It was a slip that instantly went national.

Here’s where Brown gets into the extramarital relationship with Harris. Brown was married and having an affair with the much younger Harris during his run for mayor of San Francisco. When he won, Harris was on stage with him and gave him a hat that said “Da Mayor.” In previous comments (see our last report below), he said he helped Harris get to where she is now.

He claims that he thought the affair was no big deal and would have been “just a chuckle” among “us locals.”

Brown goes on to vaguely refer to the help he gave Harris by saying she helped him too. Next, we have the quote of the day that is just unbelievable. It’s in bold letters below.

Brown concludes with the assertion that if she gets elected, he’ll “probably have to leave the country.”


And I must admit, I was no help to Harris on the national front.

“Sure, I dated Kamala Harris. So what?” I thought that little item would put the issue to rest.

Six months ago, it would have been just a chuckle among us locals. Harris’ emergence at the front of the presidential pack turned it into something that pundits from here to the Beltway parsed from every angle.

Did I say that besides me helping her, she helped me? I honestly don’t think I would have made it through my first grueling run for mayor without her smarts and support.

She loved me, and I loved me. It was a perfect relationship.

Now she’s happily married to a great guy. And if she gets elected, I’ll probably have to leave the country.


“The elephant in the room” just made noise in a big way…
Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown had been silent about his extramarital affair with Kamala Harris up until now.

He just broke his silence, and we think Kamala might not be too happy about that.

The former San Francisco Mayor admitted in his weekly column that he used his powerful posts to help her career when they dated.

Yes, Brown was openly having an affair with Harris when he was speaker of the California State Assembly and running for mayor. On the night Brown was elected mayor, Harris gave him a hat that said “Da Mayor.”


New San Francisco mayor Willie Brown points out his new hat “Da Mayor” as he claimed vitory Tuesday night December 12, 1995 while at his victory party in San Francisco. (CONTRA COSTA TIMES/JON MCNALLY)1995

Up until now, Harris and Brown have both avoided addressing Brown’s role in her early political career.

In Brown’s latest column in the San Francisco Chronicle, he referred to the relationship with Harris as the “elephant in the room.” He also acknowledged that he used his influential position to help Harris’s political career and bank account:

Brown put Harris on part-time posts that supplemented her prosecutor’s salary with nearly $100,000 in extra annual pay.”

“I’ve been peppered with calls from the national media about my ‘relationship’ with Kamala Harris, most of which I have not returned.”

“Yes, we dated.”


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