VIDEO: Ken Starr Calls Out Dems On “Raw Power Play”...There Isn’t “Anything Close to an Impeachable Offense” by Trump

By Leisa Audette | Oct 14, 2019

“Secrecy is bad.” – Former independent counsel and Fox News contributor Ken Starr

President Trump just tweeted out an interview with Ken Starr commenting on the corrupt Democrats and their attempt to damage the president by trying to impeach him:

Earlier today, Rep. Matt Gaetz was excluded from a meeting where a former White House adviser Fiona Hill was testifying today.

Kem Starr says everything about what the Democrats are doing is all about “raw power”:

“Let the public assess…The House is given the sole power to impeach. Not a committee and not the speaker. I think this is something that every American should be concerned about…that the speaker is not calling for a vote. It tells me that this is a very unorthodox, untraditional procedure and they should stop it.”

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“Secrecy is bad unless there’s a compelling need for secrecy. We believe fervently in public trials. Now, why is that? Because we want to be able to see. The juries need to be able to see and hear the witnesses.”

“We need, as the American people… to be able not just to hear… read a transcript eventually. We need to hear and see because it has to do with credibility.”

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“What they’re doing is constitutionally wrong. It is a raw power play that appears to be unprecedented in American history.”

“There is something profoundly wrong…in not being as transparent as possible.” – Ken Starr

“I don’t think there is anything close to an impeachable offense here.”  – Ken Starr

Townhall reported on Gaetz being kicked out of the meeting today:

This is a kangaroo court without a prior vote.

Do you think this will backfire on Democrats in the 2020 election?

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