It’s hard to imagine that parents would allow their small children to hit the likeness of an ICE officer but it happened at an Eastside Chicago block party. There was also a painted image of President Trump that kids could throw balls at.

The Los Brown Berets- Chicago Facebook page released a statement:

The State Commander of Los Brown Berets De Chicago was interviewed today about the ICE pinata we had at the East Side community day event on July 13th.
Yes we are Radical and Controversial , we will always have people against us and that’s why we are here to Serve, observe and protect those in need. A pinata is a Mexican tradition that shows hard work pays off. A pinata is Not meant to be violent, it’s Our culture.

The local news reported about the controversy:

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CBS Chicago tweeted:

One by one, little boys and girls took turns smashing a piñata shaped like an ICE officer.

Some are asking was this event at a community block party in bad taste?

The parents of these young children are teaching them to hate ICE agents and to disrespect our president.


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