Senator Lindsey Graham arrived in DC only to be harassed by two women who oppose the confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. The Senate Judiciary Committee has set an Oct 22 vote on recommending approval of Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court, so the pro-abortion protests are intensifying.

At one point in the video below, Senator Graham asks one of the women where she’s from. She answers, “Seattle”…It would be good to know what group this woman is representing. She becomes aggressive when Senator Graham doesn’t respond to her. At one point, she says, “look me in the eye!”

“I arrived in DC today and was confronted by two women – one of whom was from Seattle – who called Judge Amy Coney Barrett a racist & unqualified. This is the modern left, hostile & unhinged. I won’t be intimidated. I can’t wait to #FillTheSeat.”

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It would be an understatement to say that the pro-abortion crowd is unhinged. Take a look at Twitter user “Femme” who tweeted a video of a radical feminist violating everyone’s eyes while attempting to desecrate the pro-life posters being held up by pro-Amy Coney Barrett posters. “Femme” tweeted: “The new Democrat party. This is how they ‘protest’ against pro-life.”

The insanity continued outside the Supreme Court:

As the vote comes closer, count on the leftist hysteria to increase as it did with the Kavanaugh vote.

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