The Trump War Room tweeted out a video of local Minnesota reporter Theo Keith speaking about Joe Biden’s first visit to Minnesota this year.  Keith noted that the Biden campaign event was closed to most reporters and was “not open to the public.”

The Biden campaign’s tight grip on their candidate is being exposed because President Trump visited Minnesota the same day and was very open with his schedule. He spoke with reporters and the American voters. It’s hard to imagine that Americans are expected to vote for a candidate who doesn’t engage with voters.

What does Joe Biden really think about Minnesotans?

“While this was Biden’s first campaign visit to Minnesota this year, most Minnesota reporters were excluded from the event…the event was also not open to the public.”

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Local reporter Theo Keith noticed the difference in the secretive nature of the Biden campaign and the contrast with the very open Trump campaign:

A small group of Biden supporters showed up to greet the former VP. The local reporter noted that this is the closest he’ll get to Biden:

Local Fox 9 reported:

“Biden took a tour of the carpenters’ facility before giving remarks. The event was not open to the public. Biden’s campaign excluded most Minnesota-based reporters from being inside the union hall to cover the former vice president’s visit”.

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