This crime really strikes you when you realize this woman’s life was saved by the SOUND of gunshots. Thank goodness for the neighbor or the person in the area that was armed. The other thing that really stuck out to me is the age of the suspects and the severity of the crime they committed. These three TEENS are only 17-years old!!! Where are the parents or mentors for these teens??? This is a case for the Black Lives Matter crowd but they’re too busy harassing innocent people…

An Edwardsville woman said she was beaten and nearly run over by her own car just steps away from her home.

The victim said she was on her way home from work when she was pistol whipped in the head, resulting in bruises. She said the main suspect, Lorenzo Waller, then attempted to carjack her.

“He hit me on top of the head, tried to grab my and keys and take my purse. I just started fighting back,” the victim, who did want to be identified, said. “I just went after him and he kept hitting me on top of the head with the gun.”

The victim stated Waller got in her car before she tried to defend herself again. Waller then allegedly hit her with the gun again, knocking her down in a dangerous spot.

“He jumped in the car and tried to start it and I was down back behind the car and that’s when I knew if he starts that car, I’m dead because he’s going to run over me,” the victim said.

Waller allegedly ran off when shots rang out, before he could start the car. The shots may have come from a neighbor. Other neighbors called 911.

“I owe my neighbors my life because if it hadn’t been for them calling the police, he’d have got my car, run over me and killed me,” the victim said.

Waller is charged with aggravated vehicular hijacking, armed robbery, aggravated battery, and unlawful use of a weapon.

Two others, Martece A. Shumpert and Quan Willis, also face the same charges. Police believe they were in a nearby stolen getaway car.

Via: kmov

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