A St. Louis man who was caught on video calmly sitting through a robbery says he’d do it all again.

The viral video shows Tony Tovar refusing to give up his cell phone and calmly smoking a cigarette during the robbery.

Tovar told a local NBC affiliate that he had the feeling the suspect who pointed a gun at him during the robbery wasn’t going to hurt him. He sat smoking while the gunman robbed the bar located in the South City section of St. Louis.

Even though Tovar doesn’t think it’s a good idea for anyone else to do what he did, he would change a thing:

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“It’s probably not in your best interest if they have a loaded firearm, I wouldn’t suggest that to just anybody.”

When he was asked if he’d do anything differently if it happened again he said, “Absolutely not.”

Tovar isn’t the only one who’s chill during a robbery. A couple at a Montana bar in 2016 kissed their way through a robbery:




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