Anthony Lorenzi (pictured below) has been arrested 30 times and has 7 felony convictions…Why is this man not in prison? He’s the poster child for the failure of our lenient justice system but he’s not alone. A Texas man who also has 7 violent felonies was out on bond when he killed the mother of his child on July 1st.

Because these career criminals were on the streets, they were able to murder in cold blood.

The Facebook video of the horrific murder of the Puerto Rican couple went viral (see below) because it was so shocking.

The report on the arrest of Lorenzi:

Yasmin Perez, 25, and the father of her children, Gyovanni Arzuaga, 24, (pictured below) were both gunned down during Chicago’s Puerto Rican festivities in the Humboldt Park neighborhood. These two victims would be alive today if Lorenzi was in jail.


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