Leave it to Maria Bartiromo to give it to us straight on what Biden’s massive tax hike will bring for Americans. She warns that this is not a good idea and that if Dems force this through Congress, they own it.

She mentions the Covid Relief Bill, a spending spree for Congress, and how Americans will foot the pork-filled bill.

Bartiromo lists the items that will get a tax hike, including the Capital Gains Tax that will jump from 20% to 39.6%…Ouch!

The best part of the video below is her comparison of different administrations and their policies on taxes, including the Obama and Trump terms. Bartiromo warns Biden not to do what states like California and New York did. They taxed their highest earners who took their money and left.

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Bartiromo says the highest earners already pay 70% of all income tax! Her suggestion is for the government to stop throwing money away.

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