A large IPO deal in March of 2008 with Visa was in question years ago when 60 Minutes tried to question Nancy Pelosi about the stock deal she made.

Watch below as she shuts down Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes during a press conference: “It’s not true…and that’s that.”

President Trump tweeted this video out:

The House gone rogue! I want to remind you a little bit about the ring leader in this whole rogue operation against the President of the United States…”


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Pelosi has made millions since she was elected to Congress decades ago.

Here’s the YouTube video of Kroft’s question to Pelosi:

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Was she selling influence and making “questionable stock deals”?

An initial public offering (IPO) refers to the process of offering shares of a private corporation to the public in a new stock issuance. Pelosi participated in 8 IPO’s.

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