Mark Levin just blasted Ed Henry on Fox & Friends with a truth bomb about exactly what the transcript said regarding President Trump’s conversation with the Ukrainian President.

The media has been conflating what’s in the transcript all week and FINALLY, Mark Levin called them out!

Mark Levin just called out Ed Henry for being dishonest on Ukrainegate:

“Why is Joe Biden above the law? Where is Hunter Biden?”

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Mark Levin also laid out the truth with Sean Hannity;

Hannity asked him to break down the details of the whistleblower complaint against Trump and he burned down the Dems case against President Trump:

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Levin called out the whistleblower and demanded that he be exposed and investigated. He also claimed a CIA agent couldn’t write something like this:

“A CIA agent who is a policy guy for Ukraine can’t write something like this.”

He called out Adam Schiff, Democrats, and the media for their lies and bias against Trump but he quickly moved on to slam Senate Republicans for not acting to subpoena some of the key players in this latest witch hunt.

The video below asks all the right questions and was tweeted out by President Trump. It’s a keeper!

One thing that Levin points out that is important to mention is that key Democrats threatened Ukraine to investigate Trump:

The more the Democrats try and tarnish Trump’s reputation, the more their corruption is exposed.

Here’s just one more piece to the corrupt Democrat puzzle:

These 3 democrat senators wrote a letter threatening Ukraine’s prosecutor general last year:

Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) Richard J. Durbin (D-Ill.) Patrick J. Leahy (D-Vt.)

They threatened to withhold military and foreign aid from Ukraine:

“We strongly encourage you to reverse course…”

The letter is signed by the three Senators.



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