There have been several mass brawls today during a pro-police rally at the Justice Center in downtown Portland.

Numerous conservative groups held a pro-police rally, but it was crashed by Antifa, who threw eggs, rocks, feces & urine. Just last night (photos below), Antifa attacked a police precinct with the same disgusting items. Where is Mayor Ted Wheeler? Portland Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty is promoting this violence on social media by calling ANY conservative group “white-nationalists” and “alt-right.” Most Americans would be in that group because most Americans support the police and are against burning our flag.

Both sides pepper-sprayed each other for more than an hour.

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Conservatives chant “USA!”

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And another brawl between Antifa and everyone else:

And just last night:

There continues to be complete anarchy in Portland by Antifa. Mayor Ted Wheeler, where are you?

Burning an American flag:


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