Meet the Press anchor Chuck Todd was just caught in a lie he told today about Attorney General Bill Barr. It’s the usual deception from the media but it’s more important than ever to call the media out on their lies. In this case, it’s really what Chuck Todd left out of his video clip. Shame on Peggy Noonan for following along with this lie.

Greg Price cut Chuck Todd’s segment and then added the full answer from AG Barr:

Today on Meet The Press, @chucktodd wildly took context out of an answer AG Bill Barr gave about his decision to drop the case into Gen. Michael Flynn.

I cut Todd’s segment along with Barr’s full answer together. Look at how blatantly dishonest this is.

Chuck Todd: Why didn’t Barr mention the rule of law?

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Everyone else: He did, but Todd cut out that part

Our media cannot be trusted.


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