Mick Mulvaney is right! He came to the defense of President Trump today after the president was bombarded with blame for mass shootings that happened yesterday.

The American people are more sensible about this than the leftist media or our politicians trying to use these tragedies for their benefit.

Oklahoma City and Columbine weren’t Bill Clinton’s fault.

Boston, San Bernardino, Orlando weren’t Obama’s fault.

El Paso and Dayton aren’t Trump’s fault.

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“This is a serious problem … but they are sick, sick people and the president knows that … I don’t think it’s fair to try and lay this at the feet of the president,” Mick Mulvaney says when asked why Trump downplayed the threat of white nationalism.

President Trump would denounce any kind of extremism, including white supremacists. The media knows that Trump wouldn’t approve of any sort of violence, but they continue to push the false narrative that our president is a racist because it benefits them politically.

The Democrats wasted no time in jumping on the political bandwagon after the El Paso shooting yesterday:

The left wasted no time in making the shooting in El Paso into a chance to grandstand.

Democratic candidate Beto O’Rourke rushed to his hometown of El Paso but didn’t keep a low profile. It’s obvious that O’Rourke is making this into an opportunity to campaign.

He boldly went in front of any camera he could find to make this horrible and very tragic shooting into a political statement against President Trump. He called the president a “racist” and said he “stokes racism”:

This is more of the same from the Democrats who went from Russia, Russia, Russia to Racist, Racist, Racist…

2020 candidate Pete Buttigieg claimed that “America is under attack.”

Liz Warren had to get her two cents worth in with a tweet:

Gun violence happens at schools, at places of worship, at work, at malls, at movie theaters, at festivals, and at home. Gun violence can claim dozens of lives at once—and its daily toll claims dozens. We have a gun violence epidemic in this country. We need to act—now.

Texas Governor Abbot had the right mindset:

The focus should be on unity…Mark Meadows is so right!

Unity won’t happen as long as Democrats and the media keep grinding on President Trump and his supporters.


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