A downtown Minneapolis Target store and many other stores were looted today after false claims spread about a police incident.

The police were trying to apprehend a murder suspect when the suspect committed suicide. The story that got out is that the police shot the person, but in the video below, it’s clear the person committed suicide. The Minneapolis Police released the graphic video to clear up what happened, but people still looted.

Graphic video:

This video contains graphic images* This evening; a murder suspect committed suicide as police approached them at 8th & Nicollet. No officer weapons were fired. This is a tragedy for our community that is still hurting. Our condolences go to the families of the victims.

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Nicollet Mall Target was the scene of looting after the incident. People calmly entered the store and took what they wanted and scurried out.

Is this the new normal in Minneapolis? Don’t these people realize that Target and many other stores will be gone soon if they don’t stop the looting?

It didn’t end there. Nordstrom was looted too:

A then Saks Fifth Ave.


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