A misleading clip from President Trump’s 4th of July speech has been circulating on social media like wildfire. The clip has been altered to appear as though President Trump said Desert Storm took place in Vietnam. The longer clip gives context to what he is describing, but the fake news reporters cut the clip to make it appear as though the president made an error. He didn’t. Unbelievably, Snopes, and biased CNN confirmed that President Trump did not get it wrong.

The anti-Trump ‘Lincoln Project’ tried to pass the shorter clip off as truth with this comment: “What’s wrong with the President?”

He stumbles on the words “sweeping and swift” but does not confuse Desert Storm and Vietnam.

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A transcript from the speech proves that the video is misleading:

A full-court press is on by the left to try and make it appear as though President Trump has some sort of cognitive decline like Biden. Desperation is kicking in, and it’s all they’ve got.

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