Mollie Hemingway is always spot on with her assessments on politics and on the media.

She’s a bright spot in the ugly world of biased media.

It was no surprise when she skewered the media and especially CNN on their nonstop coverage of “Sharpie Gate”. CNN and other media outlets mocked President Trump for a map he held up that showed Hurrican Dorian going into parts of Alabama. It was drawn in with a sharpie. The media went nuts trying to say that the storm wasn’t going into Alabama, but in the end, President Trump was vindicated when the weather experts confirmed his belief.

To say that the entire incident was a great example of the pettiness of the media would be an understatement.

CNN even reported on the fact that the storm could move into parts of Alabama:

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Molly Hemingway said it best:

“It was unbelievable to watch this week, so much coverage devoted to ‘Sharpie-gate. They say that the president can’t let things go, and that’s absolutely true, but the media are in no position to say that, given how they handle this.”

She continued:

“This is such a minor point that even if you put the worst construction on it, it does not deserve seven days of coverage, 24 hours, hundreds of stories, front-page news.”

Hemingway tweeted about the media calling them the “primary political opponent” of President Trump:

It was constant news about the sharpie drawn on the map showing Dorian would hit parts of Alabama. In the end, the obsession with this non-news story backfired on CNN and everyone else. As it turns out, Alabama had been discussed by all of the weather experts and was a possible location for part of the huge hurricane.

President Trump even tweeted out a funny video about the ridiculous obsession from all media on “Sharpiegate”:

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