Oops! As much as Clinton likes to spin this e-mail mess like it’s no big deal, it’s a HUGE deal! We’ll see thousands more e-mails released to the press tonight so this could be a crazy news night and day on Tuesday. Wonder if there really are any yoga e-mails in there…

Sometime around 9 p.m. Monday, the State Department will release the next batch of Hillary Clinton’s emails, and hundreds of reporters will comb through the 7,000 pages looking to be the first to find a story. These reporters are not amused by the late delivery of documents.

The State Department said the delayed release of Clinton’s emails happened because it has identified another 150 containing classified information that must be redacted before the release.

New York Times political reporter Michael Barbaro complained that it was not professional for a government agency to conduct a data dump after typical business hours. A number of reporters sounded off on Twitter to criticize “the most transparent administration ever” for not giving reporters time to read through the emails and process the information before their deadlines.

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