The Democratic Socialists of America are holding their convention and it’s been pure hilarity for all of us. Here are more videos from the convention that are like a complete train wreck:

Rules of DSA convention:

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No perfume in the quiet room,

no misusing doors,

no talking to cops,

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no talking to the press,

always display your credentials,

beware of right-wing infiltrators…..

Jessica Fletcher is right: “No one wants a civil war, but I’m feeling pretty good about our chances if this is the opposition.”

Our previous report with videos from the convention:

Watch the clip below where in just one minute there are several really funny moments between the socialists who are offended by just about everything including noise.

Andy Ngo tweeted: A look into what happened during one part of the national convention of the Democratic Socialists of America in Atlanta this weekend.

Note that one guy calls for no noise around him because it triggers him.

The speaker calls him comrade, and then another guy complains about gender identification.

You just can’t make this stuff up. We are doomed if these snowflakes take over.

Aaaand the first speaker of the convention says that the “enemy is capitalism”…

Our enemy is capitalism???

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