MSNBC anchor Joy Reid should seek help for her anger issues including her anti-white racism. It was on full exhibit during an interview with Ali Velshi yesterday. Her commentary is truly unbelievable.

Reid claimed President Trump won in 2016 because of his racist supporters who fear demographic changes in the country:

“The reason Donald Trump is president even though he didn’t win a majority of the vote, but the reason he was able to get over that hump is immigration full-stop and it’s a resentment that people who voted for Donald Trump feel about the changing need for this country. The people like you, Ali, and myself are emerging into a majority and every time they are reminded of that, which they were in 1998 and again by the census bureau in 2008 as Barack Obama was running. It pricks a certain sense of panic in a lot of people and Donald Trump has responded to that panic by saying, ‘I have got you. I will take care of you. I’ll get rid of them. I’ll get rid of the Muslims. I won’t let them come.”

Velshi mentioned that it could be possible Trump voters feared immigrants were taking their jobs to which Reid’s racism spilled out with this shocking response:

“It’s the pride of place. It’s a sense among these voters that there’s a pride of place to being a white Christian, especially a white Christian man, that there was after World War II when we were the hero of the world all the way up until a guy named Barack Obama came along and suddenly over the objections of a majority of white voters he gets elected by 10 million votes and then they object to him even more and he gets reelected by five million votes.”

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Reid then says Trump supporters don’t want to share power with minorities:

“If it was economics, you could just do an economic program, but it’s not. It’s something more existential. It’s demographic panic and Donald Trump is offering them an answer.”


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