Was Joe Biden coached to use the Arabic word “inshallah” during the presidential debate with President Trump? Was this a case of Biden pandering to the Muslim vote using a word often used to mean “If Allah wills it.”

During a discussion on President Trump’s tax returns, the president replied with a comment that he’s paid millions in taxes and that “you’ll get to see it.”

Joe Biden interjected by asking, “When?” and then said, “Inshallah?

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After Biden slipped the Arabic word in, Muslims on social media celebrated by saying this was “historic” and “golden.”

Later, Biden’s campaign confirmed that he had used the word.

Not all Muslims were happy about the use of the word by Biden. Some called him out on pandering to the Muslim community.

This is akin to when Hillary Clinton said she carries hot sauce in her purse, just like Beyonce. Or when Kamala Harris said she listened to rappers in college whose careers began after she had graduated.

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