Democrat Jerry Nadler sure is singing a different tune about impeachment now that his party is trying to impeach Republican President Donald Trump.

Way back in 1998 when Bill Clinton was in hot water, Nadler bloviated about how impeachment is the “undoing of a National election.” He also said that they were mad because “they’re telling us our votes don’t count.”

Shouldn’t the same thing apply to a Republican or is Nadler just a big hypocrite?


“An impeachment of a President is an undoing of a National Election!”

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One of the reasons we feel so angry about what they are doing is because …they’re telling us our votes don’t count!”

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Nadler is on video also speaking to the House saying the same thing:

Jerry Nadler spoke out about how damaging an impeachment would be during the Bill Clinton impeachment inquiry.

He claims that impeachment would cause “damage to our nation.”

He makes a lofty claim that is beyond hypocritical in light of what he’s doing to President Trump in 2019:

“If our conduct in this matter does not earn the confidence of the American people, then any action we take especially if we seek to overturn the result of a free election it will be viewed with great suspicion and could divide a nation for years to come.”

Jerry Nadler is one more poster boy for term limits!

These old videos call attention to the fact that these career politicians need to go.

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