Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi delivered a garbled speech to the NAACP Convention in Detroit today.

She normally speaks in stops and starts but this time she was much worse than she usually is during a speech.

Listen below as Tom Elliott put together the gaffes into a SuperCut video.

It looks like Pelosi is having a hard time looking down at her speech and then looking at the teleprompter.

-She calls the NAACP the NAACT

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-She starts to say New York City but then says Detroit

and it’s all downhill from there…

In case it’s just unbelievable that she REALLY made these mistakes, the entire speech is on the video below and all the gaffes are there.

If that wasn’t enough, the video below shows more of a slurring Pelosi. The audio begins around the 12:45 point:

By the way, the pandering is off the charts!

The local Detroit news produced a glowing video about her visit. There were leftists who stood outside one event who were protesting Pelosi claiming she hasn’t supported “The Squad”:


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