The Trump Campaign just came out with a great ad that calls attention to what will happen when the police departments are defunded.

When a crime is committed, because of defunding, no one will be there for days. This ad drills home the point that what the government is supposed to do will not be done. The number one job of the government is to protect its citizens.

Joe Biden’s allies are doing everything they can to Defund the Police.

If you call 911, who will answer the phone?

You won’t be safe in Joe Biden’s America.

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New York City is a great example of a city where the Defund the Police Movement has pushed successfully to defund the police. The City Council just slashed the NYPD budget as a political move and NOT a common-sense move to help prevent crime. This is a government’s number one job, but Mayor de Blasio wants to take the money cut from the police budget and sprinkle it all around to different special interest groups. His wife is said to be heading up the funds which should give New Yorkers pause because millions have gone unaccounted for in another “project” the mayor’s wife was involved in.

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