A nightmare scenario happened overnight near Santa Cruz Island, California.

A 75-foot dive boat caught fire and continued to burn with 33* (the number *34 has been lowered from 34 to 33) passengers sleeping below.

The five-person crew escaped, but authorities are now saying the passengers are feared dead.

The latest report from the California Coast Guard:

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The boat called ‘Conception’ reportedly departed from Santa Barbara Harbor on Friday night for a Labor Day weekend trip to the pinnacles of San Miguel Island and was expected to return Monday evening, according to the Truth Aquatics website

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ABC News also reported earlier today on the fire:

A dramatic video showing the boat burning was posted on Twitter:

The map below shows the location of the boat:

The boat sank offshore during the effort to put the fire out by two different fire departments. The boat named the Conception was in 64-feet of water.

The boat burned down to the water-line:

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