A man who loves America stepped up this week at the Old Bridge, New Jersey council meeting and passionately accused politicians of “obstructing justice” for tweeting and sharing information advising illegal aliens on how to avoid detention during an ICE raid.

Councilman Mark Razzoli also declared that sanctuary statehood is really about “identity politics,” not public safety, and part of socialists’ plan “to shame the public into believing that anyone who opposed them are racist or xenophobic haters.” Razzoli has a unique perspective since has 26 years as a law enforcement officer.

THIS IS A MUST WATCH….. This man is amazing!

 Dem Councilman Mark Razzoli at the July 15th, 2019 Old Bridge, NJ Council Meeting. 

You read that right…this man is a Democrat!

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Part Three of this amazing statement is the second video below:


This statement was truly amazing! Razzoli got it right!

He previously opposed the governor’s support for turning New Jersey into a sanctuary state:

“While I respect the views of many of the Democratic candidates running for office in New Jersey, our focus as a local party and my focus as a councilman will be to hold the line on property taxes, ensure good quality services for children and seniors, and protect the Old Bridge quality of life we have all come to enjoy – not address federal issues we have no power to legislate.”

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