Three nuns sat behind President Donald Trump during a rally today in Circleville, Ohio. The nuns were wearing purple and white habits but called attention to themselves by wearing black MAGA masks. The masks are typically given out to the president’s supporters at rallies. The purple and white habits are worn by the Children of Mary order, according to Fox News who reported the nuns are located in Newark, Ohio.

It’s an easy choice for the nuns to support President Trump. President Trump is the most pro-life president in our history and Biden is pro-abortion, Biden also announced he will be going after the Little Sisters of the Poor again:

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Remember when the Obama/Biden administration went after the Little Sisters of the Poor, but the nuns eventually won their case in the Supreme Court? Immediately after the Supreme Court ruling in favor of the nuns, Joe Biden declared that he was “disappointed in today’s Supreme Court decision” and vowed to, once again, target the Little Sisters and restore the Obama/Biden regulations once again. The regulations force the nuns to pay for medication that goes against their religion.

Joe Biden may say he’s a Catholic but he is also pro-abortion. Why shouldn’t the nuns support President Trump who is pro-life and is against forcing the nuns to pay for medication that goes against their religion?

The anger and resentment for the nuns attending the rally was off-the-charts nasty.

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Angry leftists immediately began to attack the nuns calling them “paid actors” and “disgusting”:

The nuns without masks:

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