This really is what a Mafia shakedown looks like. The video below is a clip from an interview between NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, where de Blasio claims he’ll cut thousands of jobs if the feds don’t bail out NYC.

Remember that de Blasio cut funds from the NYPD and cut all police overtime. He may want to ask his wife what happened to the millions of dollars that went unaccounted for with a city program she was in charge of recently. Why should the feds give a bailout to a mayor who let his city be destroyed for BLM? De Blasio is no different than the Minneapolis mayor, who was denied federal money after he let his city get demolished.

This is indeed a shakedown…Bill de Blasio has cut out all police overtime resulting in a crime spike – the money he used to cut police is available – but no, he lies instead…this man is pure evil…

NYC Mayor: I’m laying off 22,000 city workers if the feds don’t give us a bailout

Sick of Democrat hostage tactics! NO bailout for Democrat malfeasance and mismanagement!

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Those city Union workers probably voted for de Blasio…you get what you vote for.

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