Nearly 30,000 police officers gathered in tribute to NYPD police officer Brian Moore. This should send a message to our newly sworn in DOJ director who was just too busy to attend this very important funeral. What was she doing? She was announcing a civil rights investigation into the Baltimore case of Freddie Gray. Could this not wait until next week? Couldn’t she put the politics aside for just one day? Shameful!

Their agony was seared on their faces — and into a city’s heart.

The father, mother and sister of NYPD Officer Brian Moore sobbed throughout his funeral Mass on Friday, bereft of all but his heroic memory and a shiny new detective’s shield posthumously awarded.
“With great honor — and great sadness — I posthumously promote Police Officer Brian Moore, Shield 469, to detective first grade,” a choked-up Police Commissioner Bill Bratton told the 27,000 mourners, who crowded St. James Roman Catholic Church in Seaford, LI, or listened to a live feed on the streets outside.
Holding the 25-year-old cop’s new gold shield aloft at the altar, Bratton noted the grim significance of its number.
“His family will receive this, Shield 9002,” Bratton said as Moore’s father, Raymond, a retired NYPD sergeant, watched tearfully in the front pew.

“That number follows shields 9000 and 9001, bestowed upon Detective Rafael Ramos and Detective Wenjian Liu,” he said, recalling the posthumous honors for the two Brooklyn cops killed in December when a gunman ambushed their patrol car in Bedford-Stuyvesant.
“I hope the 9000 series never sees another,” Bratton added, his voice breaking with emotion. “
“But that is an idle hope. We are the police. Detective Brian Moore knew it, and so do we all.”

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