In the video below, CNN host Alisyn Camerota gushes over Greta Thunberg’s meeting with Obama.

Does Obama mock Thunberg’s accent?

CNN aired the clip from the Obama Foundation of the former president greeting the teenager in his Washington, DC office.

Obama reaches out to shake hands with Thunberg and delivers the odd accent saying: “It is very good to see you again.”

Thunberg replied: “Very good to see you.”

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Obama continued with the odd accent: “Thank you so much for stopping by to say hello.”

Is Obama thinking she doesn’t speak English or is he just pandering?

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What’s more important is that this 16-year-old is being pushed out there to promote propaganda for the leftist climate change activists.

Obama tweeted out a video fistbumping the teen with a caption calling her “one of our planet’s greatest advocates”:

So we’re all supposed to listen to a 16-year old from Sweden about climate?

The left has been targeting our children in order to get them to push the agenda of climate activism:

This is insanity!

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