CORRECTION: A video of bikers kneeling to pray is from South Africa and NOT bikers praying for President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump, according to Lead Stories and USA Today.

We try our best to get the facts and would like to apologize for mislabeling this video. We always want to set the record straight for our readers.

Americans are sending prayers and love to President Trump who has been tweeting out his appreciation:

The scene below of hundreds of bikers all kneeling to pray is incredible but is NOT at Walter Reed hospital and not for President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump. It is from a protest in South Africa.

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t Last night, a group of supporters were surprised to see Chief of Staff Mark Meadows who came out of Walter Reed hospital to say that President Trump appreciates their support:

President Trump saw a gathering of supporters outside the Walter Reed Hospital tonight and sent his Chief of Staff Mark Meadows out to thank them.

Mark Meadows walked out of Walter Reed with a bag of chocolates (photo below) from President Trump. He spoke to the group telling them President Trump is doing well:

Another video of the group of well-wishers:

The president sent a small token of thanks so the supporters:

Earlier tonight, Marine One picked up President Trump from the White House and brought him to Walter Reed Hospital where he will stay for a few days:

President Trump tested positive for the coronavirus, and now it’s all hands on deck to make sure he gets the best possible treatment.

NBC broke the news this afternoon that President Trump will be going to Walter Reed Military Medical Center. He is being flown in Marine One for treatment at the medical center, where he will remain for the next few days.

The move was a precautionary measure recommended by the POTUS’s physician, officials said. He allegedly only has mild symptoms. President Trump has also been given the experimental Regeneron antibody cocktail as a precaution.

Marine One landed very close to the White Houe and not on the helipad. Speculation is all across the board about the peculiar landing by Marine One. MSNBC is reporting that there will not be a live feed of President Trump boarding Marine One.

President Trump walked to Marine One:

It is being reported that President Trump will work from the Executive suite at Walter Reed for the “next few days.”

Please pray for President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump.

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