Alyssa Milano was on “Meet The Press”  (see video below)yesterday! What was NBC thinking? Has she become the brains of the DNC? She actually has become a symbol for everything that’s wrong with the Democrats efforts to hurt Judge Kavanaugh. She has inserted herself into the Democrat’s efforts to destroy Judge Kavanaugh since the very beginning. Even going as far as sticking her face in the shot of Kavanaugh while he was testifying. she was warned by a guard to stop filming the hearing…Oy Vey!

She’s all over the place in support of the Democratic agenda. She came out at the beginning of the #MeToo movement as an activist against sexual violence but her latest tall tale has everyone questioning her credibility. Sure, some of these people are legit but some are attention-seeking media wh*res who will do or say just about anything to be on camera. Watch below as she tells a group of women a story about being punched in the vagina:

I’m curious, how do you get punched in the vagina, multiple times while you’re that close to the stage at a concert? And you didn’t see who actually did it? Is anyone buying this story from Alyssa Milano? Are people this ignorant?

The Democrats might want to stay far, far away from this one…

“Meet The Press” obviously decided to sink as low as the Democrats and  interview Milano:

Yes, this is the same woman who claims to support sexual assault victims:

She does Democrats and women no favors!


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