Oakland, California police had to break up a huge crowd of hundreds watching a sideshow on the street last Sunday. Video on social media and YouTube shows the crowd standing on the side of the street cheering on people spinning out in cars and trucks.

This is maddening to anyone who is sheltering in place in their homes to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The crowd of mostly young men dispersed after the police officers arrived, arresting only three out of hundreds.

CBS Local interviewed a senior citizen who lives very close to the incident:

75-year-old Levi Wells lives in senior housing right on the corner on Bancroft and saw the large crowds gather, noting that they were standing “neck and neck.”

“Shoulder to shoulder? No…neck to neck. People were climbing on top of each other. I’m serious,” Wells said. “These kids don’t care. They are not thinking about that. They are thinking about having their fun.”

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Video of the crowd running away below shows mostly young men:

One comment on Twitter hit home: “LMAO these are the same people who claim they love Grandma with all their heart.”

The crowd of mostly young men dispersed after the police came:

The Oakland Police tweeted out about the incident:

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