Leaders of the Democrat Party held a press conference today to announce their latest effort to stop President Trump. During the comments from Leader Pelosi, Jerry Nadler was seen walking in a very peculiar manner.

Why does Washington have so many lifetime politicians like Rep. Nadler? He’s hanging on by a thread. Term limits are needed ASAP so that these politicians will move on back to the real world.  Yes, the DC Swamp needs to be drained, and Nadler is a perfect person to start with.

We’re not making fun of Rep. Nadler; we’re concerned for him since, on several occasions, he seems ill. Who can forget when he passed out in front of a crowd while sitting next to NYC Mayor de Blasio? That was frightening.

The video below is an ad for term limits:

Umm, Jerry? You okay there, bud?

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During a public “Speed Cameras Save Lives” meeting, this afternoon in New York City, Jerry Nadler began to pass out. The video below shows a concerned DeBlasio saying, “Jerry, take a drink.” “You seem a little dehydrated,” said the Communist Mayor of New York City, who apparently offers instantaneous medical diagnoses, as part of his repertoire of services he offers to his community. Rep. Nadler answers, “what?” to which DeBlasio replies, “You seem a little dehydrated. Are you okay?” “Do you want to take a break? Are you alright?” DiBlasio asked. All the while, Rep. Nadler, who seems to have been invigorated by his new position as an attack dog on the House Judiciary Committee, remained motionless, and appeared confused, with his head hanging down.

Within moments, two doctors dressed in white jacket approached Nadler, as a woman can be heard in the background asking for someone to call 911.

Nadler, who, in 2002, had gastric bypass surgery, was recently seen gorging himself in a local restaurant with a CNBC reporter while talking about how President Trump’s behavior is worse than anything Nixon ever did.

Perhaps the stress of constantly attacking an innocent person and his family are beginning to take a toll on the angry Democrat?

UPDATE: Nadler spokesman is saying: “He is okay. Seems to have been dehydrated and it was very warm in the room. He is now responsive and receiving a check-up.”



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