A very disrespectful Nancy Pelosi just held a press conference where she called President Trump “the current occupant of the White House”.

If anyone had spoken those words about former President Obama there would have been outrage.

Pelosi had just met with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to try and show solidarity within the Democratic party’s far-left group and the more moderate Dems.

Pelosi tweeted out a photo with AOC before her press conference:

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Listen to a bitter Pelosi disrespect the president during the press conference:

Pelosi on Trump: “the current occupant of the White House”

Chris Wallace just spoke about the press conference calling it a “master class” in politics, but in reality, it was a statement full of lies and mischaracterizations on just about everything. She claimed that she’s all for immigration reform which is a total lie. Democrats have been sitting on their hands to prevent immigration reform.

She did tell the truth about one thing during the press conference. She confirmed that Democrats want a “progressive agenda”. That’s code for a far-left policy of free, free, free on the backs of the taxpayers.

Any American who pays taxes should run away from this hot mess!


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