Philadelphia Police Officers had been on the scene of a dangerous active shooter situation since 4:30 pm when they were harassed by local residents.

Six officers had been shot and injured after a lone gunman started shooting from inside a home. Anyone could have been injured but the police officers sacrificed themselves for the safety of the people in the neighborhood.

Video captured of the police officers moving through a crowd of people shows one woman shoving an officer and then rock-throwing towards the officers in the street.

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The active-shooter situation in Philly began when at 4:30 pm police officer in the Nicetown-Tioga area of North Philly was trying to serve a warrant for a narcotics arrest and encountered an active shooter who fired on the officers.

The officers frantically called for backup, “shots fired, shots fired at North 15th street.”

Additional officers arrived at the active shooter scene where they remained behind cars and exchanged fire with the shooter.

Video below shows the police officers behind cars on the right.

Six Philadelphia police officers were injured and others are receiving treatment for non-gunshot injuries.

UPDATE: One suspect was arrested and was seen being carried by two officers as he struggled to break free. It is not clear what his role is in the incident.

The suspect surrendered just after midnight last night.


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