Patty and I see this all the time when we see protesters at different events…the left pays their protesters with YOUR tax dollars! Back in 2013 Planned parenthood was busted for putting up Craig’s List ads seeking protesters and they would be paid: Craigslist Ad Recruited Paid Protesters to Oppose Abortion Legislation in Texas

Remember Occupy Wall Street? Yes, they paid their protesters via Craig’s List:


Occupy Wall Street and other radical organizations seem to be able to get these useful idiots to protest for them but Planned Parenthood is paying protesters with YOUR money!

Yes, Planned Parenthood got a record $542 MILLION taxpayer dollars last year! The horrible thing is that Planned Parenthood makes more money from baby organs harvested from aborted babies. How could anyone think this is ok? Sickening!
In case you missed this ridiculous show of idiocy:

Planned Parenthood paid some of its supporters who threw condoms at GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina and at her supporters during an Iowa Hawkeye tailgate on Saturday.
The payments were briefly mentioned in a story by the New York Times. “On Saturday, women wearing pink, some of whom were paid by Planned Parenthood, protested Mrs. Fiorina at a campaign appearance in Iowa, throwing condoms and chanting, ‘Women are watching, and we vote,’” reported the New York Times.

Breitbart News previously noted:

Planned Parenthood supporters and the mainstream media have challenged Fiorina’s statements at the second GOP presidential primary debate about an undercover video created by the Center for Medical Progress that showed a fully-formed fetus, heart beating and legs kicking, being kept alive in order for Planned Parenthood officials to harvest the brain.


Abortions comprise roughly three precent of medical services provided each year by Planned Parenthood. The group completed 327,653 abortions during its 2013-2014 financial year. Planned Parenthood receives roughly $542 million dollars from tax-payers each year.

Via: Breitbart News

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