Dutch politician Thierry Baudet, party leader of Forum for Democracy, was attacked with a bottle to the head two days before the Netherlands’ general election.

Mainstream outlets describe Forum for Democracy as “far-right” and “populist.”

According to the Associated Press, Baudet was taken to the hospital in Groningen after the assault.

Here’s footage of the attack (WARNING – GRAPHIC):

“Another assassination attempt on FVD chairman @thierrybaudet. A broken bottle in the neck can be fatal very quickly. The previous attacker was released after a few hours. Then you encourage these types of attacks!” political scientist Dries Van Langenhove said.

AP reports:

“It looks like everything will all be alright,” the party said. It later said Baudet, 40, was treated by a trauma surgeon after being hit on the back of the head and next to his eye with a beer bottle. It said a security guard also was injured.

Video on social media showed Baudet in a bar when his attacker lunged at him. Baudet was quickly taken away and the attacker overpowered.

Police spokesman Thijs de Jong said a person was arrested on suspicion of involvement in the attack. He said the motive was under investigation.

“What we can say at the moment is that Mr. Baudet was hit on the head, possibly with an object,” De Jong said. He said he could not give further details or comment on Baudet’s condition.

Baudet’s party said on X that an event that had been planned for later Monday in another city had been cancelled “in connection with the health and security” of him. It did not elaborate.

Baudet is running to keep his seat in parliament.

Here’s another angle of the assault (WARNING – GRAPHIC):

This isn’t the first time the Dutch politician has been attacked in recent weeks.

Baudet was assaulted by a man wielding an umbrella while in Belgium last month.



Dutch far-right leader Thierry Baudet was attacked Thursday night by a man wielding an umbrella.

Baudet, leader of the Forum for Democracy party (FVD), was in the Belgian city of Ghent to give a lecture at an event organized by a conservative university association.

In a video posted on social media by Belgian right-wing politician Filip Dewinter, a man lashed out at Baudet, striking him hard with a brolly.

Dewinter said the incident was a “disgrace for our security services.”

According to Belgian outlet VRT, the attacker shouted an anti-fascist message and was taken away by police.

Dutch politicians of all stripes condemned the attack.


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