Cities like Portland have been the epicenter for Antifa and the anarchy spreading to other cities across America. The ironic thing is that the Portland police have mostly been ordered to stand down to this domestic terrorist group for years, which only helps the Antifa terrorists grow to a larger group with more power. By not acting against this group, the city of Portland has created a monster that is destroying downtown and attempting to take over a police precinct.

Antifa has covered Portland with anti-police and anti-American graffiti:

“No Good Cops”

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Anti-American graffiti:

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The videos and photos below are from just hours ago when the Portland police were finally given the green light to take the streets and precinct back from a crowd of Antifa and BLM terrorists. The crowd is shocked that the police would enforce the law because that certainly hasn’t happened very often in this far-left city.

So proud to be burning our flag:

Antifa burning an American flag at the police precinct:

It’s dangerous that these anti-American thugs have demonized “right-wingers” and have labeled them “Nazis” who they must destroy. There is no discussion or debate. This group labels young conservatives “Proud Boys” who they must attack and destroy. The groupthink with these people is frightening.

While Rep. Nadler calls Antifa “imaginary,” one of the key witnesses for what’s been happening in Portland for so long with zero pushback is a brave young man who will be testifying before Congress tomorrow. He’s being smeared on social media to discredit his testimony about Antifa. Andy Ngo has been assaulted by the Antifa members over and over but is bravely trying to capture them via shocking videos. It’s very difficult to refute the truth on a video, so this terrorist group is out to do everything they can to destroy him. Pray for this brave American who has been a lone fighter for truth for so long.

Portland Antifa tried to take over a police precinct overnight until the police were ordered to clear the streets. The Antifa group doesn’t understand that when the police ask you to clear the area, they mean it. This is the difference between President Trump and Joe Biden. Law and order vs. chaos in the streets. If this behavior isn’t stopped, it will be coming to you because this really is about anarchy and a transformation of America.

Protesters trying to block the police and then the police officers finally act:

The protesters are shocked that the police are doing anything to stop them:

More shock from Antifa. Yes, police can push a crowd away from an area:

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