Postmaster General Louis DeJoy testified before the Senate Homeland Security Committee to clear up the false narrative from Democrats that the United States Postal Service funding is being cut and that De Joy is trying to sabotage mail-in voting by removing mailboxes and sorting machines.

The truth is that the USPS is solvent until 2021, and when Obama was in office, he had thousands of mailboxes removed. There is nothing nefarious going on, but Democrats like Senator Gary Peters tried for gotcha questions during testimony today but was no match for De Joy.

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy fact-checked Dem Senator Gary Peters of Michigan, saying that over time has continued at the USPS at the same rate as before:

“We never eliminated overtime…since I’ve been here we’ve spent $700 million on overtime, overtime runs on a 13% rate before I got here and it runs at a 13% rate now”

DeJoy also set the record straight on changes in policies for 2020:

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Senator Gary Peters is up for reelection in Michigan – John James is the Republican running against him. Peters is the Joe Biden of Michigan. He’s done nothing in all his years as Congressman and then as Senator. He’s a Pelosi puppet who is beholden to the powers-that-be in DC. It would be a fantastic upset if John James wins the race. Michigan’s Democrat Senators and Congressmen tend to become entrenched and get reelected over and over. Remember the Levin brothers, John Dingell, Debbie Stabenow? These are just a few who are the poster children for term limits.


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The Democrats with the help of the corrupt media are pushing a completely baseless conspiracy theory that President Trump is trying to steal the 2020 election using the post office. Democrats are pushing for a mail-in election, they say, because of the coronavirus. Republicans are opposed to mail-in elections and site the recent NY election that was a complete mess. They also say it creates a possibility for fraud. It certainly opens the door for fraud because the voter doesn’t have to prove their identity as they do on an absentee ballot. If a voter wants to mail in a vote then they can vote by absentee. Yes, there is a compromise but Democrats are trying to stir the political pot.

Activists have been harassing the new Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, who is a Trump donor, but he does have a long career in logistics and operations, which is the key area of expertise needed for managing the expansive, complex network of our mailing system. The Postmaster General is chosen by the Board of Governors at the USPS, so this was not President Trump’s choice alone:

“The Governors reviewed the records of more than two hundred candidates for the position before narrowing the list to more than fifty candidates to undergo substantial vetting. Subsequently, the Governors interviewed more than a dozen candidates in first-round interviews and invited seven candidates for follow-up interviews. A narrow list of finalists then underwent a final vetting process before the Governors made their decision.”

The truth is that the USPS has been in terrible financial shape for years and it is consistently losing money. Democrats want to bail out the post office but Republicans want much-needed reform.

The Treasury Department has offered the USPS a $10 billion loan. That loan does come with some strings attached for reforms,  but it’s not needed for immediate operation. The USPS is in debt for $69 billion.

President Trump did say he opposes the bailout of the USPS and cited his opposition to mail-in voting. This has been used to suggest he is using the USPS to undermine the election. However, there is no immediate funding issue that would hinder the USPS from supporting the election. Funding is not the problem. It’s the massive wave of mail-based voting, deadlines, and timing that’s the problem.

The removal of mailboxes at low-traffic areas is not unusual but the Democrats are trying to make it seem like it’s being done to harm the election. Not true.

The USPS is undergoing delays in shipping and changes in operations because of the effort to reform and because of coronavirus. The USPS even has an alert on its website, explaining that there could be delays because of COVID.  The Democrats and union activists are against reforms and are trying to tie them to President Trump’s re-election.

Many of the changes/reforms, like eliminating sorting machines, had been planned long ago and before DeJoy came into his position at the USPS.  There is no evidence those changes have anything to do with or would affect the election.

The real problem with a mail-in election is that the regular deadlines are impossible to meet with current USPS shipping times because some states allow ballot requests 4 days before the election! That’s why USPS sent out letters to states warning them of the need for changes in timing to protect votes.

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