President Trump called out Joe Biden for using a teleprompter tonight during his campaign event in Nevada. Biden was just caught today using a teleprompter (see below) during an interview when a reflection of the copy was seen in a photo Biden was holding up during an interview.

“To do an interview, he demands on getting the questions and his people write out the answers. So they ask him a question, he goes, ‘Bring that! Bring it up! Bring it closer. I can’t see it! Dammit!’”

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Joe Biden’s campaign recently refused to admit whether he reads answers off of a teleprompter.

In an interview with Brett Baier, a Biden campaign press secretary continuously dodged the question:

It sure seems like his campaign doesn’t want Americans to know the truth. Well, Biden’s most recent interview with James Cordon may tell the truth (see screenshots below videos). It appears as though the interview was a complete set-up because of the teleprompter and the huge photo Biden had ready to show to Cordon.

Screenshots on Twitter show the teleprompter copy:

More screenshots showing the copy on the teleprompter:

Fox News recently asked another good question about who is speaking to Biden through an earpiece. Is Joe Biden getting help from the teleprompter AND the earpiece?


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