President Trump took time last night to roast his opponent in the 2020 presidential race.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is an easy target because he’s been in politics for so long. President Trump spoke about a few low points in Biden’s long career. The mainstream media won’t report Biden’s past scandals but, as expected, President Trump didn’t hold back.

President Trump called Biden a “Trojan Horse for Socialism.”

The president mentioned Biden’s run for president 33 years ago. Biden had to step down because he plagiarized a speech (see below) and was caught red-handed (see video below). Yes, this will be the third time Joe Biden has run for POTUS.

He called Biden a “shameless hypocrite” and then mentioned funeral eulogies Biden gave for segregationists.

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“America should not take lectures on racial justice from Joe Biden.” Biden has been protected by the media for decades. Shame on them!

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Scandal after scandal involving lies and plagiarism have been buried by the mainstream media so that Biden can continue his political career. Nothing has changed. Biden is being pushed forward by the party elites to be the nominee even though he’s had numerous gaffes and told several “tall tales” on the campaign trail. This proves it’s all about keeping power and NOT about nominating a qualified candidate.

The video below is hard to believe, but it’s clip after clip of Biden being caught in lies:

Among one of the biggest lies that Biden has repeatedly told is that he participated in the Civil Rights Movement. He was called out on the lie years ago but is telling the lie again to gain votes from the black community.

In his 1988 presidential bid, Joe Biden, who is now a Democratic presidential candidate for 2020, plagiarized portions of speeches made by former President John F. Kennedy, Sen. Robert F. Kennedy (D-N.Y.) and British Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock. It effectively led to him dropping out of the race.

The New York Times puts a nice spin on the lying politician, but it’s obvious that Biden still has a big problem with the truth.

Biden was also caught plagiarizing in law school, and he lied about his standing in his class.

Remember that Biden hasn’t learned his lesson. He’s only gotten better at lying. After 50 years at this, it looks like he’s perfected it.

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